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The FORPSI Computer Security Incident Response Team is the INTERNET CZ,  a. s., (Czech Republic) company’s security team responsible for coordination and escalation of security incident solutions regarding the company’s services and managed infrastructure:

  • registration of domain names and DNS services;
  • webhosting and mailhosting;
  • cloud, serverhosting, VPS, housing;
  • ISP services;
  • autonomous system (AS) 24806;
  • internet protocol (IP) ranges and 2001:15e8::/32.

For reporting issues please use the following contact:
Mail: (nonstop 24/7)

In order to coordinate and escalate please contact FORPSI-CSIRT:
Mail: (08:00  -  16:00 business days)
PGP Key ID: 0x59741A59
Fingerprint: F49A E0CD 2C1D F141 58A9  BE17 5138 95CA 5974 1A59
Escalation of incidents: phone + 420 383835353 (nonstop 24/7)

Time zone: GMT+1, GMT+2 (EU DST)

Customer support: (+420) 38 38 35 35 3
Billing: (+420) 38 38 35 35 5
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