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milestones in the history of forpsi


  • Founding of the company P.E.S. Consulting, s. r. o. with headquarters in Prague.


  • The company's headquarters moved to the South Bohemian village Ktiš.


  • Founding of the joint-stock company INTERTNET CZ, a.s. which provided serverhosting, domain registration and internet connection services.


  • The company bought a former hotel and catering center in Ktiš.


  • Reconstruction of the former hotel and its transformation into a new data center equipped with modern technologies.
  • INTERNET CZ, a. s. was bought by an international hosting service provider Aruba S.p.A.


  • INTERNET CZ, a. s. expands through acquisition of two local companies to Poland and Hungary.


  • P.E.S. Consulting, s.r.o. merges with INTERNET CZ, a.s. into the sole company INTERNET CZ, a. s.


  • FORPSI trademark registered for the whole EU region.
  • The company achieved two first places in the competition TOP HOSTING 2009, in which the general public rewarded the best service providers.


  • A new server room added to the data center; modernization of the center was completed.


  • The company is allowed to use the official Code of Conduct logo granted by EURid to registrars offering high quality services.
  • New service "Superbalíček", more SSL certificates added to the company's offer.


  • The company reached 200 000 registered .CZ domains.
  • INTERNET CZ, a. s. implements mojeID service.


  • New product line and FORPSI Cloud platform offered:
    • Cloud computing - IAAS;
    • Object Storage - cloud storage.
  • INTERNET CZ, a. s. gained 5 stars (the best result) in the .CZ domain registrars' certification.
  • The company finished building its private unit substation with output 2 x 1 MW.
  • INTERNET CZ, a.s. certified ISO 9001.


  • New generic domain names.
  • New services in FORPSI Cloud:
    • Cloud Monitoring;
    • virtual SMART servers on SSD.
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