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THe Story of Forpsi

We are proud that we have managed to show to the internet world where is Ktiš

Foundations of the company were laid in 1997, when P.E.S. Consulting, s.r.o., based in Prague, was registered in the Commercial Register.

At the end of 2001, the company moved to Ktiš. Until then, the company leased various premises all around the region, and what is important - the technologies were located in several data centers in Prague. Because we found it important to have the technology located where our technical staff was, the company's operational headquarters were finally moved to a former school building in Ktiš.

In 2002, due to the expansion of our services, INTERNET CZ, a.s. became a joint-stock company permanently based in Ktiš. Apart from webhosting it provided registration of domain names, serverhosting and internet connection.

As 2003 brought us success in business, in 2004 the number of employees doubled. After that, the former school building wasn't suitable for the business anymore and at the end of 2004 the company bought a former catering and accommodation center, which was during the year 2005 renovated and transformed into a modern data center.

Year 2005 meant a turning point in the company's history. The companies of the FORPSI group were bought by an Italian hosting company ARUBA S.p.A. This brought to FORPSI new capital and so the modern history of the company begun. The Italian investment enabled significant technology upgrade which made FORPSI one of the leaders on the Czech webhosting market.

In 2006 FORPSI expanded to the Polish and Hungarian market where it started to offer its wide range of services, which were provided through data center in Ktiš.

In 2007 P.E.S. Consulting, s.r.o. merged with INTERNET CZ, a.s. The successor organization was INTERNET CZ, a.s., which provided its services under the FORPSI trademark.

Later in 2008 GENERAL REGISTRY, s.r.o. became a subsidiary of INTERNET CZ, a.s.

At the end 2008 the expansion of the existing data center started - one more server room was built. The work was completed a year later.

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